WebCorp Live User Guide

Advanced options

Show URLs

Enabling this option will display a link to and some meta-information about each page concordances have been extracted from.


Each search API as features or rules that limit how many pages we can fetch for a search. This box tells you the maximum number of pages that WebCorp will search, which we set based on the API chosen.

One concordance line per web page

This will retrieve only one match from each page searched. This can useful to stop a single web page dominating the results.


This option allows you to restrict your search to all of the pages on an individual web site or all sites with a given domain. Note that this only works with the Bing Search API. To search all of the pages on an individual site enter the URL without the 'http://' part. For example, enter www.bbc.co.uk to search all pages on the BBC web site.

To restrict the search to sites within a given domain, enter part of a URL. For example, entering .ac.uk will restrict the search to UK academic institutions, while entering .fr will restrict the search to web sites in France.

To specify more than one domain separate them with spaces or new lines, e.g. 1) 'www.cnn.com www.abc.com' 2) '.net .org'.

You can also specify domains that should not be included in the search results by prefacing them with a minus (-) sign.

Below the Site option there is now a list of frequently used domains. Select one from the list to insert it into the domain box. This list was complied by inspecting WebCorp search logs.

Word Filter

The word filter option allows you to include extra words which must appear or must not appear on the same web pages as your search term. Place a minus sign (-) before words which must not appear.

For example, with the search term 'plant' you may include nuclear -flower as a word filter to restrict the sense of the search term (i.e. only show examples of the word 'plant' from web pages also containing the word 'nuclear' but not the word 'flower'):

The words you specify in the Word Filter option will not necessarily be included in all concordance lines, they must simply appear or not appear on the web page from which the concordance was extracted.