WebCorp Live User Guide

Basic options

Case Insensitive

A case insensitive search will match both upper case and lower case variants of the search terms.


The number of words to display as the left and right contexts of the search term. The options are: Match only, 25 characters, 50 characters, 100 characters, 5 words or 10 words. Choosing a span in words requires the output to be tokenised, which may not be accurate for all langauges.

Search API

WebCorp works 'on top of' existing web search engines. More specifically, WebCorp connects to search engine APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to retrieve hits for your search, and then performs its own processing on those hits. This option allows you to specify which search engine API you would like WebCorp to use. Different search engines cover different sub-sets of the Web's content. Currently, the available search engines are Bing and The Guardian Open Platform.


You can choose to perform a search in a specific language. This information is passed onto the commercial web search engine when fetching the initial results. Each search engine handles language differently:

  • If using the Bing search engine this option specifies either the desired language or the market. A market is a region (combined language and country) for which Bing has determined the search results will be most relevant. Note that a market must be chosen for a Bing News search.